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Studies carried out in many countries have assessed professional and knowledge updating and information-seeking practices among dentists [ 9 , 10 , 13 โ€” 16 ]. In these studies [ 9 , 10 , 13 โ€” 16 ], factors such as a lack of clear answers to clinical questions, insufficient computer literacy, and exposure to studies reporting diverging outcomes were mentioned as barriers to accessing information and should be addressed to overcome the problems of transferring information into practice.

One recent study with dental practitioners showed that those who are older and did not attend continuing education courses are less likely to use the most up-to-date clinical techniques [ 17 ]. This finding highlights that the communication of scientific evidence to dentists and the dissemination of EBD are goals for researchers to pursue in order to improve oral health care. This study aimed to analyze, via an electronic survey, the practices related to searching and using up-to-date scientific dental information among dentists working in Brazil.

The study hypothesis was that the practice of EBD would be influenced by academic experience and work variables of the dentists including their time in practice, postgraduate education, and work sector. In a pilot study, the self-administered questionnaire was sent by e-mail to a sample of 20 graduate students to pretest it in terms of wording, sequence, and internal consistency, and to assess the content validity, i.

These aspects were not evaluated quantitatively, but the questions were edited based on the pilot study until a consensus on content validity was reached. Subject recruitment The final questionnaire was hosted online in Google Forms and comprised up to 37 items 27 categorical, 7 visual analogue scales and 3 open-ended questions , depending on the combination of responses.

This report does not address all the content from this questionnaire. All dentists must be registered to a regional dental council to work legally in Brazil, thus we invited all Brazilian state dental councils to cooperate with the study by emailing the survey to all dentists registered with those councils.

PS-OB-01-EST-05-01-033_R06.pdf - Material de Relleno...

The cover e-mail invited the dentist to respond to the survey, presented the purpose of the questionnaire and the time estimated to answer it 15 min , introduced the researchers responsible for the study, and clearly mentioned that there would be no identification of the respondent in any form.

The first page of the survey reinforced some aspects already presented in the e-mail, including the purpose of the study and confidentiality of the data, and additionally provided information on multiple choice questions and how the results of the research would be made available in the literature: one Master dissertation and one scientific article.

The e-mail was sent directly to the personal addresses present in the records of the regional dental councils. The dentist was required to read the e-mail, click on the link to the survey, and agree to participate first question in order to access the remainder questionnaire.

Hence, no informed consent form was required. The e-mails were sent between June and December , and responses were received up to January Survey content The questions presented in the questionnaire were based on previous studies that have conducted similar surveys in dentistry [ 9 โ€” 11 , 13 , 15 ].

The questions were divided into four main groups: 9 questions with the general characteristics of the sample e.

For the general characteristics, the variables of interest were gender, region, and population size of the largest city where the dentist had worked up to 50,; from 50, to ,, or above , inhabitants. They were also asked about the frequency of use of resources that they reported using.

An open question allowed them to name the journals that they most commonly read. The participants were also asked whether they had made changes to any clinical practices or procedures based on information published in scientific journals; if they responded in the negative, they were asked the reason for not changing.

A visual analogue scale VAS ranging from 0 never to 10 always was used to assess how often dentists inferred that the information presented in scientific journals did not match the reality of clinical practice.

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Dentists completed a similar VAS to indicate how much of their own clinical practice was based on information from scientific journals. While it is challenging to assess practice of EBD, we nevertheless believe that this latter VAS could serve as a useful self-perceived measure.

Data analysis Descriptive statistics were calculated to identify the absolute and relative frequencies of categorical variables and the distributions of the numerical variables.

The association of the dichotomous outcomes with the categorical independent variables was analyzed using the chi-square test. The association between categorical variables and numerical outcomes was assessed using either t-test or analysis of variance with Bonferroni-corrected post hoc testing.

Revista da Ordem dos Advogados, , ano 72, vols. II e III, ps.

Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad , Recibido: 15 abril Synallactes virgulasolida Massin and Hendrickx, A nossa equipe a batizou como o xod do ano, do tipo difcil de finalizar, at porque sempre.. Mar 21, Open Access. Controversies in the.. Revista Espaola de Ciruga Osteoarticular.

J Pediatr Orthop B ; Revista playstation download pdf. Sign in. The version of the browser you are using is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser.. Resultados da Enquete: Qual sua revista de game favorita?

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A revista. Algum tem todas essas revistas em pdf? The instrument. Processing Speed PS.This population ofpatients is in clear need of additional markers forfurther risk stratification for VTE recurrence.

Use of scientific evidence by dentists in Brazil: Room for improving the evidence-based practice

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